Ѕвездите остануваат дома со стил, и ги повикуваат фановите да седат дома!

Што е во мода во моментов? Да се остане дома. А ѕвездите тоа го прават со стил.

Ѕвездите остануваат и понатаму пример за седење дома, и понатаму ги охрабруваат своите фанови, преку социјалните мрежи, да останат во своите домови.

Супермоделот Клаудија Шифер тоа го прави со стил, облечена во бохо глам фустан во комбинација со елече со народни мотиви од Етро.

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At home with @etro #ootd

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За да се остане дома со стил, доволни се и пар пижами, како овие кои ги носи супермоделката Бела Хадид, позирајќи како јаде бурито. 

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Me and my burrito telling you to stay inside! not only for the sake of just yourself but also for literally the entire world and all of the people that you love ..❤️ Its crazy because all we have to do is work together to slow down this virus and people are still having trouble understanding that.. don’t be selfish! meditate ! hang out with your dog/cat/fish! they are probably super excited to have your attention for 24 hours out of the day..!! learn how to knit ! tie die some socks ! write a poem to your mom ! I guess tiktok if that’s what you’re into ! find out your rising sign ! then learn about it ! and become ! a better person! anyways … last thing …not new news but… wash those damn hands people! to the people who are still working and the ones who can’t … I love you and i am thinking about you !..❤️

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Кајли Џенер пак, облечена во црн комбинезон, позира покажувајќи дел од раскошната дневна соба. 

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movie suggestions? 🖤

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И уредничката на Вог Америка, Ана Винтур, се придружи на ѕвездите кои испраќаат пораки преку социјалните мрежи. Откако се откажа големиот настан Мет-Гала, Винтур им порача на своите фанови дека како и тие, и таа се обидува да се адаптира на итноста на Ковид-19. 

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Like so many of you, I have been adjusting to reality during the COVID-19 pandemic. Above all else, I have been doing one simple thing, and I urge everyone to do the same: I have been staying at home.⁣⁣ ⁣ There is no more important rule for all of us to follow. We must, right this moment, pledge to stay in our homes as much as we possibly can. There are, of course, health workers, emergency-response personnel, grocery store employees and others whose essential jobs we depend on. And they must go out to perform these life-saving tasks. For the rest of us, there is no debate or discussion. We must stay in our homes. That is the only way to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and to protect those who are most vulnerable to it. ⁣⁣ ⁣ So join me in a pledge that all of us at @voguemagazine are making today: #stayhome. There is no more valuable action you can take. We encourage you to share your own promise and comment below with a 🌹 to pledge to #stayhome too.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Thank you,⁣⁣ Anna Wintour

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